Friday, May 18, 2012


So Half a Boy has been on this journey for the past couple of weeks, trying to plan and produce a short film by the title ASSGLASS, a dark comedy about two unlikely interlopers and their bizarre conversation at a bus stop.  We are finally getting all our ducks in a row, with our auditions coming up soon (May 24th), and we have drawn plans to start building some equipment (motorized slider, a 8ft track dolly) the shoot feels ever closer.  We still have tons of things to rent and buy, a cast and crew that needs breakfast, a shooting permit to make it legal, and other great film making costs that you never hear about unless you listen to long-winded commentaries.  Speaking of long-winded let's wrap this up, we have a great vision, great ambition, and great knowledge that we want to impart onscreen, and if that's something that sounds cool to you, and you appreciate people who are willing to get out there and take risks and do what they love, then you should support us on kickstarter.  Even if you just support us with a $1, spread the word, link to us on facebook, twitter, tumblr, you name it, we will love you and you will have helped us in more ways than you can know.

Thank you

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