Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The sleeper must awaken...

The creation of new beginnings always tends to be exciting and refreshing.  They bring many different possibilities, in our lives or in our work, be it making new friends or being part of the beginning of a team full of potential.  That's what you get with the beginning of The Other Half blog for Half a Boy.  We are a team of Austin based independent film makers who have been obsessed with cinema, art, and literature, and through other projects have begun to form together to create a collaborative team.  What you will see with this blog is that team as it grows not only in numbers but in success as we venture forth, working on our own projects, and bringing in people from all over the creative spectrum in attempts to forge wonderful images and though provoking stories.

There will be several different types of installments in this blog, including a run down of our "staff meetings" a fairly loose term denoting our collaborative writing and pre-production get together. We will publish information about the equipment choices we make, including build notes and pictures for any dolly or crane projects we use in our productions. You will even get to see behind the scenes promotionals for shooting endeavours as we create our projects and go from concept and script to your screen.

Our goal in starting and maintaining this blog is to give you a glimpse into the world of independent film making and starting your own film production team from the ground up, hopefully inspiring others to join in making film making a true collaborative artform and not the big budget, high gloss, glamorous stars you see in Hollywood today.

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